Gum Contouring

A Short Guide About Gum Contouring


Gum contouring, also referred to as gingivoplasty, is a surgery that involves changing the shape of gums around the teeth with the help of periodontists, who are cosmetic dental health professionals. This process involves using a laser to eliminate a certain part of the gums, bringing exposure to the tooth and evening the gum line. Some instances also involve using scalpels by littleton, co dentist, for contouring.

This process is used for removing tissues of gum that have been damaged due to a disease. That process is known as a gingivectomy. The amount of tissue that can be controlled depends upon the depth of heat. It can be decided to do a professional assessment with the help of a dental health provider. Along with that, certain steps are taken before gingival plastic for preparation. Getting diagnosed by your dentist regarding the process helps make sure that you are the perfect candidate. Gum contouring is done by orthodontics, orthognathic surgery experts, and even plastic surgeons.

Eligibility for gum contouring

A special assessment is done by a dentist or video dentist evaluating the conditions of the tooth and gums. It is used to check the smile line and how symmetrical the face is to check if the candidate is suitable for the process of gun contouring. If the candidate fails to comply with the process requirements, he or she will be prescribed different cosmetic dentistry processes to provide the desired results. The procedure of gingivoplasty is perfect for adults.

The patients are suggested to inform their dental health providers regarding any medicines they are taking as well as their current health conditions. If the patient is under epilepsy medications, immunosuppressants, or medicines used for calcium channels block the chances that he or she will be discouraged from getting their gum controlled. This is because these medicines are used for the treatment of high levels of blood pressure which can further aggravate gum growth and ruin the results.


A lot of patients experience the results of the contouring throughout their lifetime. However, this is only possible if the patient follows a proper dental health routine and regularly visits the dentist. A proper dental health routine involves brushing twice daily and flossing once to ensure that the teeth are in perfect condition.

If you want to opt for gum contouring, speak to a dentist today and seek assistance. 

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