Before You Buy Your Indoor Bike – Why Are You Buying?

Before You Buy Your Indoor Bike – Why Are You Buying?


More than a year of coronavirus concerns have turned into a boon for manufacturers of exercise equipment. Consumers have been buying up ellipticals, treadmills, and weight machines in droves. Even indoor bikes have proved quite popular over the last 17 months. Still, investing hundreds of dollars or more in a piece of exercise equipment is not something you should do lightly.

Before you go buy an indoor bike, ask yourself why you are buying. Being honest with yourself could make an enormous difference. Perhaps further evaluation will only cement your decision to invest in your own equipment. On the other hand, it might motivate you to put your money into studio classes rather than a new bike with all the bells and whistles.

                   Are You Just Bored?

An article recently published by MSN Lifestyle discussed a long-time runner’s decision to invest in her own stationary bike. The author offered a number of reasons for doing what she did, but the one that sticks out is boredom. Simply put, she had gotten bored of running on the treadmill. She wanted something different. Indoor cycling seemed to be the right way to go.

In fairness, the author had taken organized spinning classes in the past. She remembered how much she enjoyed the classes. She remembered all the good parts: the energy, the motivating instructor, the sense of accomplishment, etc. She believed she could recapture that same thing by riding a stationary bike at home.

Boredom with your current exercise routine is certainly good motivation to change things up. But is it sufficient motivation to spend a ton of money on a new bike? Only you can answer that question. Just do yourself a favor and don’t critically endanger your budget just because you’re bored.

                   What Is Your History with Exercise Equipment?

You might also want to ask yourself about your history with exercise equipment. According to the instructors at Mcycle, a Salt Lake City indoor cycling studio, they have given classes to more than one student who invested in home equipment only to give up using it. Students come back to the studio after having sold their equipment.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do this. This writer has even done it. My wife and I invested in an elliptical many years ago. We used it faithfully for the first several months. Then the novelty wore off. We eventually concluded it was sitting in the basement collecting dust. We ended up selling it for less than one-third of what we paid for it.

                   Would Studio Classes Be Better?

Maybe you’re thinking of buying your own stationary bike because you feel, in the long run, it would be less expensive than taking regular classes. That may be true if you stick with it for years on end. But if you risk losing interest because you get bored, would studio classes be better for you?

Spinning classes offer the high intensity workout you are craving. They are taught by experienced and enthusiastic instructors who know just how to help you reach your potential. And don’t forget the social factor. Taking classes with like-minded people can be a big boost to your morale and motivation.

If, after thinking things through carefully, you decide that buying your own bike is the right way to go, take your time and shop around. Indoor bikes are available at a variety of price points influenced by both brand and features. Only spend what your budget will comfortably allow. When you finally do get your new bike home, make sure you get your money’s worth.

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