Get High Standard Dental Care In Parramatta Dental Clinics

Get High Standard Dental Care In Parramatta Dental Clinics


Parramatta is home to several dental clinics and oral health care centres. As it is one of the major commercial suburbs and centres, dentistry isn’t a field that is lagging in the commercial world.

Cosmetic Dentistry comparatively shows the commercial side of dentistry. It refers to dental treatments that improve the overall appearance of your teeth, bite and gum. Acosmetic dentist in Parramatta usually refers to themselves as “cosmetic dentists”, regardless of their experience, education, training, or speciality.

Most Common Options Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Far more than simply working on the appearance of your teeth, the cosmetic dentistworks to enhance the overall beauty of your face. A Parramatta dentist provides an array of services, amongst which the most common ones are as follows:

  • Adding dental material to your gums or teeth. Gum grafts, crowns or caps, porcelain veneers are some such materials.
  • Orthodontics involves straightening or aligning your teeth improving your facial appearance.
  • Extraction of tooth structures or gums. Such procedures are called gingivectomy and enameloplasty.
  • Non-Surgical Procedures like bleaching, gum depigmentation, laser whitening.
  • Conservatives like fixing veneers and dental laminates.
  • Scaling.

Dentists recommend options according to your requirements and budget. A dentist may suggest one or two treatments according to your dental case or a combination of procedures to provide you with the best outcome. Your smile is your greatest asset, and so a dentist gives his/her best to keep your smile as radiant as ever.

Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry

●      Straightening

This is done to correct misaligned teeth or crowded ones. Metal braces are commonly used for this purpose.

●      Bite Restoration

This is beneficial for those patients whose teeth have suffered excessive damages over the years. The teeth wear due to acid reflux or grinding, affecting their vertical dimension. A qualified dentist Parramatta opens up the bite by restoring the vertical dimension.

●      Reshaping

This involves removing some parts of the enamel to make the tooth look better. It is also done to correct the discrepancy in tooth size if they are long, crooked or the positioning is incorrect. Reshaping is also known as cosmetic contouring. This procedure is popular as it gives fast results and can substitute braces in certain cases.

●      Gum Lifts

This is a procedure that lifts and sculpts the gum line. It helps to make teeth symmetrical.

●      Veneers

These are custom made, ultra-thin laminates that are directly bonded to the teeth. It’s a good option for closing gaps and changing the teeth colour that doesn’t respond well to whitening.

●      Implants

These are prosthetics that are used to replace missing teeth.

Considering all the options and services provided by cosmetic dentists in Parramatta, we may conclude that the procedures aim to maintain and enhance the overall quality of our oral cavity. It gives you the confidence to look better and smile freely as you please.

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