Is ear wax removal dangerous?

Is ear wax removal dangerous?


For good ear health, it is important to make sure your own ears are always clean and that you don’t use anything in your ear that might cause damage.

Sometimes, however, there can be a build-up of wax in the ear that can cause problems. This usually leads to having the ear wax removed. How safe, then, is ear wax removal, and why might you be looking to have ear wax removed from your own ear?

Finding the right clinician

If you do have problems with ear wax, then you need to ensure you seek the right help. You can approach your doctor to help you, but there are also clinics that perform ear wax removal in Bexley and elsewhere in the country.

These clinics use specially trained people to remove the ear wax using the latest techniques and equipment. This helps to remove the ear wax without any pain, while ensuring the ear is clean.

What should you not use in your ears?

Despite what people might think, using things such as cotton buds in your ear can cause a problem. Rather than removing the ear wax, this can push the wax deeper into the ear, with the ear wax potentially becoming impacted and painful as a result.

Using anything not designed to go in the ear is just as bad – by this, we are referring to such things as keys, pins, or any pointed object. The best advice is to clean the area just inside the ear with tissue but to avoid going into the ear canal.

When might you need to have ear wax removed?

While you might not have any problems with your ears most of the time, there can become occasions when you need to have your ears cleaned. These reasons can include:

  • The loss of hearing in one or both ears. This can be caused by a build-up of wax inside the ear that causes your hearing to be less effective. 
  • A feeling of fullness in the ear caused by the build-up of wax. 
  • You might experience vertigo which makes you dizzy and leaves you feeling like you are falling. This can be caused by wax interfering with the delicate structures in the ear that deal with balance. 
  • Ear pain can be a common problem when wax builds up in the ear. This should be checked first before any wax is cleaned in case there is an infection in the ear. If there does turn out to be an infection, this should be treated prior to wax removal.

Before you have your ear wax removed, you may be asked to use drops in your ears for a while prior to the procedure. This is used to soften the wax that has built up to make it easier to remove.

In some situations, the drops alone may help to remove the wax, but if not, you will need to have it removed by a professional.


Ear wax might never cause you any problems at all, but if you do start to experience problems, then it is important to seek the right treatment for you. Speaking to your doctor or clinician will help you to find out your options.

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