Sweat Much? Here’s What To Do

Sweat Much? Here’s What To Do


Sweating is very normal since it helps to regulate your body temperature.

However, excessive sweating can be so embarrassing. That is if you don’t know how to go about preventing or minimizing the same. Some of the areas on your body that experience too much sweating can include: your armpits, face, feet, and palms of your hands.

Excessive sweating can be caused by several factors. These include:

·         Stress and emotions

Some of the conditions and emotions that can make you sweat excessively include: fear, anger, emotional stress, anxiety, and embarrassment.

·         Medication and illnesses

Sweating can also get triggered by certain medications and illnesses such as fever, infections, cancer, painkillers, fever-reducing drugs, synthetic thyroid hormones, and hypoglycemia.

·         High temperature

When the temperatures are too high, your body can experience excess sweating due to the heat generated inside your body.

·         Foods

Sometimes excessive sweating may be due to the foods you eat. Some of these include spicy foods, alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks, including tea, soda, and coffee.

Most people think that the best bet is to take a cold shower. But the reality of life is, some people still sweat immensely even after taking their bath. The best part is, there are various products you can use to prevent over sweating. And keep you fresh all day long. Some of these include:

1.     Body powder

Body powder offers an effective way to get rid of both body odor and sweating. The talc present helps to absorb moisture and reduce friction. And that minimizes sweat production, chafing, and fungal infections.

Body powders can get used by both men and women. And are safe for use on the groin area, thighs, breast, buttocks, and skin folds. You also want to confirm that the body powder you choose is paraben-free, talc-free, and has no aluminum. And is not tested on animals.

2.     Ball deodorant

If you’re looking to prevent stickiness and dampness on your man’s parts, ball deodorant could be what you need. These keep you fresh, friction-free, and dry. And can also be used on other skin folds such as man boobs and are great for your feet.

The ball deodorant is easy to use and will not leave any powder cloud mess in your bathroom.

Before choosing your ball deodorant, you want to ensure that it has safe and natural ingredients. Consider those talc and aluminum-free and formulated with healthy products such as arrowroot, oat flour, and organic aloe. With the ball deodorant, you don’t have to worry about the heat and humidity.

It lets you enjoy groin comfort and freshness all day.

3.     Foot powder

If you suffer from smelly feet, there are foot powders that can help make all the difference in your life. The best foot powder is made of natural ingredients to protect you all day, keeping your leather shoes, sneakers, boots’ gear, and socks free from moisture.

Foot powder helps to absorb all the sweat. And trap any foot perspiration that leads to odor. It also helps to keep your feet refreshed, dry and comfortable.

4.     Shower wipes

Dual-sided shower wipes are a life-saver if you sweat a lot. That is because they help to wipe off dirt and sweat on the go. If you cannot take a shower immediately, shower wipes are a convenient way to clean up. These help with deep cleansing and exfoliation. And keep the funk away.

Shower wipes are also convenient to carry around in the office or at the gym.

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