The Most Effective Proven Ways of Using Cannabis Without Smoking

The Most Effective Proven Ways of Using Cannabis Without Smoking


Other alternatives have majorly replaced the traditional smoking of cannabis. Some consumers of cannabis have preferred alternatives methods of consuming marijuana as healthier or more stylish. Depending on your choice, now you have options on the way and form in which you consume marijuana. You should note that there are no pure, safe alternatives but some methods are safer than others.

1.     Baked edibles

The cannabis industry is creative and has discovered ways to infuse cannabis into food products such as baked products. Cannabis-infused in baked products will not harm your lungs, unlike smoked cannabis. Some people prefer this method because it’s easier to use and home-friendly. However, edible cannabis takes time to take effect; hence as a new user, you are cautioned to take the precaution of overdose. Once ingested, cannabis edibles go through the digestive system before being absorbed into the blood. Other types of edibles include infused gummies.

2.     Cannabis Drinks

Entrepreneurs have infused cannabis into drinks to form cannabis drinks as an alternative to smoking. Many people who take cannabis drink started drinking it to escape alcohol, which causes hangover and depression in overindulgence. Consumers of cannabis drink find it safe from hangover and depression, which they experienced while taking alcohol. In addition, with responsible consumption, consumers of cannabis drinks have associated the product with a better health condition and more social responsibility. However, it’s crucial to ensure you consume products from reliable sources such as the Northeast Alternatives Dispensary for safety reasons.

However, consumers of cannabis drinks should be more responsible people and with high tolerance.

3.     Cannabis-Infused Topical Products

The use of infused cannabis topical products has helped cannabis topical products find their use by a society that would otherwise resist cannabis products. Cannabis topical products are applied on the skin to reduce inflammation, relieve muscle pain, relieve joint pains, and reduce swelling. In addition, the infused topicals can be in the form of creams or lotions and can be used to treat acne and eczema.

  • Cannabis Oral Sprays
    Liquids infused with THC or CBD make sprays. Cannabis sprays are primarily for medical purposes and tend to avoid harmful smoke. There are different forms of sprays; CBD sprays, gummies sprays, and oil sprays. The spray products can contain flavors of mint and other aromas. You can identify the amount of THC by looking at the certificate of analysis of your product. Most consumers of oral sprays spray it under the tongue.

5.     Vaporizers

The use of tech gadgets in the consumption of cannabis has revolutionized the way consumers enjoy their cannabis products. The vaping device does not produce smoke and also helps in controlling the dosage. Some people claim that they get high quickly when they vape. Vaporizers are small in size hence easy to carry and conceal. For vaping, ensure you use a safe product from your area; you can search online, for example, Fall River Dispensary for a licensed dispensary in Massachusetts.

However, it’s not easy for the licensed cannabis to maneuver through legal registration and compliance. Watch the documentary video below to understand the challenges of compliance by the cannabis industry players.


Consumption of cannabis products takes different forms, and the consumer chooses the state in which they enjoy or find it fit for their needs. However, whether you are using a cannabis joint, a cannabis blunt, or cannabis edibles, responsible consumption is necessary for your overall well-being. Let’s dab responsibly.

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