What Are The Causes And Treatment Of The Nose Bleeding?


Nosebleed is an embarrassing yet one of the most concerning conditions. Well, a nosebleed can be the result of many things, or you can say that many things can trigger a nosebleed. One of the most common causes of the nosebleed is the dry air which you experience in winter.

In summer, the hot waves can also result in a nosebleed. A general physician in islamabad says that some conditions often cause bleeding in the nose, such as allergies, blowing your nose hard, medicine side effects, having an injury, picking your nose, etc.

What to Do If You Have Nosebleed?

This condition is not that serious but still, you should manage it by yourself at home.

Do Not Lie Down But Sit-Up: when your nose bleeds, avoid lying down but make sure that your head is above your heart.

Do Not Panic But Stay Calm: Getting nervous means that you may experience more bleeding. Experts say that do not panic and try to relax.

Hold Your Nostrils Closed: one of the best ways to stop the nosebleed is to use your thumb and index finger to pinch your nostrils closed. During this period, breathe through your mouth. It will result in pressure on the part of your nose from where bleeding occurs. It reduces the blood flow.

These steps can help to stop the bleeding from the nose. Avoid touching your nose when you see no more bleeding as it can blow your nose. You should blow your nose when you bleed as it helps to avoid blood clots.

Always keep a spray at your home, such as oxymetazoline. You can use this spray in your both nostrils to stop the bleeding. During spraying, you need to breathe through your mouth.

Medical Treatment to Stop Nosebleed

When you get medical help to stop the nosebleed, your doctor may try the following methods:

Packing: Latex balloons are used to put into your nostrils as they put pressure on the blood vessels which stop the nosebleed.

Cauterization: your doctor numbs the nose to use a heated electronic device or uses silver nitrate to stop the nosebleed.

What Steps Should You Follow To Prevent Nosebleed?

Experts say that no one can prevent nosebleeds from happening by a hundred percent but yes, you can minimize the risk of having bleeding through the nose.

The following steps can prevent nose bleeding:

Try A Saline Nasal Products: when your nostrils stay moist, it means that you are at low risk of experiencing nosebleeds. Buy a saline nasal product to keep your nose moist from the inside.

Quit Smoking: Smoking means that you live with toxic elements all the time that can cause irritation to almost every part of your body, especially inside your nostrils. Stop smoking as it will reduce the risk of nosebleeds.

Avoid Too Much Medicine Intake for Cold: People who have allergies or they catch a cold easily should not take medicine all the time as intake of such medications can result in a nosebleed.

Avoid Picking Your Nose: People think that blowing the nose too hard can help to clean it but it often leads to bleeding. Cut your nails before picking your nose as it can cause bleeding.

Try a Humidifier: Have you ever noticed that your house air is dry? Well, you should try a humidifier to keep the air inside your home moist.

Do Not Let your Nostrils Dry: Dryness is the cause of the nosebleed. Use a cotton swab to smear a thin layer of petroleum jelly to moist your nostrils. You should try this at least three times a day and before going to bed. Antibiotics ointment can also be used to keep your nostrils moist.

What to Eat to Stop Nose Bleeding?

Vitamin C and flavonoids rich foods are beneficial when it comes to stopping the bleeding through your nose. You can eat citrus fruits, like oranges, onions, garlic, etc.

Final Thought

Nosebleed is not a serious condition but you should get medical help if you experience it frequently. Stay hydrated and quit smoking to avoid nosebleed triggers.

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