Which Fabrics are Best for Your Baby?

Which Fabrics are Best for Your Baby?

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There is no shortage of styles and options when it comes to baby clothing, but have you ever considered the fabrics that these clothes are made from? Whether you are buying clothing for your own child or are buying a gift for someone else’s bundle of joy, the fabric might be the furthest thing from your mind. 

However, when it comes to baby clothing, fabric choices are important. Moreover, some fabrics are better than others, especially considering how sensitive newborn skin can be. So, which fabrics are best for babies? 


Cotton is widely regarded as the fabric of choice for baby clothing, and organic cotton is even better. Cotton is soft and breathable and is gentle against a baby’s skin. However, organic cotton takes those standards much higher. 

Unlike regular cotton, organic cotton is grown free from fertilizers or pesticides. Production of organic cotton clothing does not involve the use of any harsh chemicals in the dyeing, printing, or washing stages, which are known to cause irritation and allergic reactions in some babies. 

Many manufacturers of baby clothing and products, such as CozeeCoo (https://www.cozeecoo.com/), makers of the innovative organic cotton sleep sack, know that parents these days place a high importance on choosing fabrics that are kind to their babies’ skin as well as the environment.  

Jersey Knit

Another popular fabric in the production of children’s clothing is jersey knit. This is because it is breathable and stretchable, making it gentle and comfortable for your baby. Jersey knit is also great for its moisture-wicking properties, which basically means that it draws moisture away from baby’s skin. 


Fleece is a popular choice for babies and children because it is soft and provides warmth. Fleece dries very quickly too and is a popular choice in the making of baby blankets and outerwear. Additionally, it is stain-resistant and allows for freedom of movement. 

Which Fabrics are Not Great for Babies? 

Some fabrics are considered to be unsuitable for baby clothing, and there for various reasons for this. For example, nylon does not absorb moisture and can therefore leave babies feeling hot and uncomfortable, particularly on warm days. Furthermore, nylon is produced using petrochemicals as well as bleaching agents, both of which are unsuitable for babies and children. It is unlikely but not impossible that you would find baby clothing made from nylon. 

Polyester is also not a great choice for children, although because it is cheap and easy to manufacture, it is a common fabric used in the children’s clothing industry. Because of polyester being flammable though, it is typically treated with chemicals to counteract this issue. 

Wool is another common fabric choice, but because it contains rough fibers, it can be irritating, particularly on the sensitive skin of babies. 

What to Look for When Choosing Baby Clothing

Breathable, stretch fabrics are an excellent choice when buying clothing for a baby. With so many different choices available, it can be overwhelming but the obvious choice for children’s clothing is cotton, more so, organic cotton. 

Try to veer away from clothing made from fabrics such as denim as these can restrict movement in babies. For comfort look for soft fabrics. Avoid buying clothing with drawstrings, ties, beading, threads, and any other parts that may become detached and cause a choking hazard. 


Baby clothing should be made from fabrics that are soft and breathable while allowing for freedom of movement. The best choice is clothing made from organic cotton that has not been grown or manufactured using pesticides, chemicals, and other harsh agents that could cause irritation.

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